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March 11, 2020  | Water in the West  | News

Michelle Horton

New Stanford research employs a machine learning model to help water utilities identify consumption patterns and inform conservation actions. 

January 27, 2020  | Stanford Earth  | News

Danielle Torrent Tucker

By analyzing more than two decades of data in the western U.S., scientists have shown that flood sizes increase exponentially as a higher fraction of precipitation falls as rain, offering insight into how flood risks may change in a warming world with less snow.

January 22, 2020  | The Bill Lane Center for the American West  | Insights

Madison Pobis

Farmers, large and small, are beginning to grapple with what the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act means for them. One by one, local sustainability plans are starting to go public. Many farmers expect to see cutbacks on pumping once the program is fully implemented in 2040.

December 17, 2019  | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment  | News

Rob Jordan

In a Q&A Newsha Ajami discusses the impacts that wildfires can have on water quality and supply.

December 08, 2019  | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment  | News

Kent Mendoza, Devon Ryan

November 06, 2019  | Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University  | News

B. Rose Kelly

A new study by postdoctoral scholar Xiaogang He and researchers at Princeton in Nature Communications is among the first to show that solar and wind energy not only enhance drought resilience, but also aid in groundwater sustainability.

November 01, 2019  | Woods Institute   | News

Devon Ryan

Despite statewide devastation from wildfires, a new poll conducted by the Bill Lane Center for the American West shows Californians are still reluctant to subsidize wildfire prevention or support relocating communities at risk.

October 17, 2019  | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment  | News

Michelle Horton

A new and ambitious research project looks to develop affordable devices to recycle most of the water we now throw away, as well as to desalinate saltwater. The project’s research director describes the project’s vision and operation.

October 08, 2019  | Water in the West  | Insights

Michelle Horton

Water governance expert and Landreth Visiting Fellow Anita Milman, discusses keys to successful groundwater governance, implications toward achieving water security and her research at Stanford. 

September 03, 2019  | Water in the West  | Insights

Michelle Horton

In the face of climate impacts, aging infrastructure, growing populations and depleted groundwater, a diverse water portfolio may quench the thirst of California’s future water needs.