Media Coverage

Read recent media coverage featuring Water in the West and comments from our researchers.

January 22, 2023  | The Guardian

Faculty Director Buzz Thompson on current inequities between domestic use of freshwater and water usage by oil companies.

January 20, 2023  | LA Times

Felicia Marcus on how the environment is impacted when delta water is diverted for agricultural and urban use.

January 16, 2023  | NBC Bay Area

Felicia Marcus on what the recent storms mean for California's drought.

January 14, 2023  | The Hill

Felicia Marcus on California's drought and renewed snowpack.

January 12, 2023  | SF Chronicle

Visiting scholar Felicia Marcus on the drought impact of recent storms.

January 07, 2023  | New York Times

Rosemary Knight's work on mapping paleovalleys could improve water storage.

January 06, 2023  | Vox News

Noah Diffenbaugh on reasons why the current floods won't break the megadrought.

December 28, 2022  | Geographical

Felicia Marcus on the challenges faced during water use negotiations.