Media Coverage

Read recent media coverage featuring Water in the West and comments from our researchers.

May 16, 2024  | KQED

Felicia Marcus says the water system is inequitable and requires reform to include marginalized communities.

April 03, 2024  | KQED

Felicia Marcus appears on this podcast episode to discuss California’s new water plan.

April 01, 2024  | Los Angeles Times

As climate change exacerbates drought conditions, Felicia Marcus states the urgency to save water during all years, wet and dry.

April 01, 2024  | Nation of Change

Felicia Marcus comments on the broader implications of a recently published study showing that the Colorado River is rapidly depleting.

March 31, 2024  | salon

Felicia Marcus makes a call to action: we must invest in modern technologies to precisely measure water usage in all sectors to reduce wastefulness.

March 31, 2024  | My Journal Courier

Felicia Marcus says it is hard to make a general conclusion about groundwater depletion because each region is different, but it is clearly depleting faster than replenishing.

March 29, 2024  | EcoWatch

Felicia Marcus emphasizes the importance of water education as we near difficult decisions.

March 28, 2024  | NPR KQED

Felicia Marcus says everyone needs to become more educated about water issues as tougher decisions arise with intensifying climate change.

March 25, 2024  | PPIC

Buzz Thompson answers questions regarding the content of his new book, Liquid Asset: How Business and Government Can Partner to Solve the Freshwater Crisis.

March 20, 2024  | The Los Angeles Times

Felicia Marcus praises California's water board's decision to reduce water diversions from the San Joaquin River, reviving fish populations.