Media Coverage

Read recent media coverage featuring Water in the West and comments from our researchers.

January 29, 2024  | The Mercury News

Felicia Marcus advises to never waste water in California even if there is a surplus of rain or snowpack because prolonged drought periods are not uncommon.

January 24, 2024  | Associated Press

Felicia Marcus makes the case that we must intervene to augment water where groundwater is rapidly depleting.

January 18, 2024  | Stanford Law School

Global water and natural resources expert, Barton "Buzz" Thompson, shares his new book Liquid Asset: How Business and Government Can Partner to Solve the Freshwater Crisis on the podcast Stanford Legal.

January 08, 2024  | The New York Times

Fellow Felicia Marcus comments on how water taxes can help the water scarcity crisis.

January 08, 2024  | Nation World News

Felicia Marcus calls attention to the importance of conservation and resilience in drought-prone communities.

January 04, 2024  | Cal Matters

Marcus expresses that as droughts become longer and more intense, efficient and effective conservation is necessary for community resilience.

December 19, 2023  | The New York Times

Felicia Marcus alludes to the importance of recycling water at a time when intensifying droughts are depleting the United States' water supplies.

December 14, 2023  | The New York Times

Marcus discusses the new California legislation that allows an investigation into whether water users have valid rights, particularly in the Central Valley.

November 15, 2023  | The Sacramento Bee

Felicia Marcus raises questions about the infrastructure and its operations.

October 04, 2023  | KNX News On Demand

Felicia Marcus discusses regulations that could require California to drastically restrict water usage by 2025, and CA's options for water use reduction.