Media Coverage

Read recent media coverage featuring Water in the West and comments from our researchers.

October 10, 2019  | The Verge

Faculty director, Buzz Thompson, comments on why California will likely face more blackouts, especially during the peak wildfire season.

August 20, 2019  | The Water Values

Newsha Ajami is interviewed on The Water Values podcast on her interdisciplinary approach to urban water systems and sustainable water management.

August 14, 2019  | Half Moon Bay Review

Research conducted by Craig Criddle and his team on a new battery that uses freshwater and saltwater to create "blue energy" is featured.

August 01, 2019  | Tribune City

Research conducted by Craig Criddle on using freshwater and seawater to generate energy is highlighted.

July 30, 2019  | ZME Science

Research by Craig Criddle on creating energy from mixing freshwater and saltwater is featured.

July 24, 2019  | AZ Central

Newsha Ajami is quoted on a publication on drilling deeper groundwater wells by research collaborator, Debra Perrone.

July 02, 2019  | Daily Excelsior

Water in the West research on the potential cost of managed aquifer recharge is quoted in an article related to water budgeting in India.

July 02, 2019  | Sierra

Water in the West's "dashboard" website, License to Pump and how it visually shows data on groundwater licensing, is mentioned.

June 13, 2019  | The Washington Post

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on how we need a reliable, bias-free baseline for hail observations that simply doesn’t exist yet in order to discover if we are seeing more hail in a changing climate.

June 05, 2019  | Curbed San Francisco

Leon Szpetycki comments on the possibility of San Francisco running out of water.