Media Coverage

Read recent media coverage featuring Water in the West and comments from our researchers.

February 26, 2021  | Bloomberg Green

Faculty Director Buzz Thompson comments on the vulnerabilities of drinking water under increasing climate pressure, as Texas experienced in the most recent storm.

February 03, 2021  | capradio

Newsha Ajami comments on need to rethink focus and not just use conventional ways of managing resources and infrastructure when it comes to water supply and management.

January 26, 2021  | Let's Talk About Water Podcast

Felicia Marcus is interviewed about cleaner and safer water in America.

January 21, 2021  | Bay City News

Newsha Ajami comments on megafires and and how post-fire runoff affects drinking water systems.

January 20, 2021  | University of Nebraska-Lincoln Governance and Technology Center

Felicia Marcus is interviewed about water law and how it is changing the world.

January 19, 2021  | The Washington Post

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on the relationship between reductions in emissions and the value in terms of avoided costs, and vice versa.

January 13, 2021  | Scientific American

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on the costs of flood damages, which are predominantly caused by increasing precipitation.

January 11, 2021  | CNBC

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on the costs of climate change-fueled disasters.

January 07, 2021  | Public Policy Institute of California

Felicia Marcus comments on water priorities for collaboration between the state and the federal government.

January 05, 2021  | San Francisco Chronicle

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on how to address California's new and changing climate.