Media Coverage

Read recent media coverage featuring Water in the West and comments from our researchers.

September 04, 2022  | KRON4 TV

In a KRON4 TV interview, Noah Diffenbaugh discusses how climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of heat waves, and how that added heat contributes to wildfires.

September 01, 2022  | Water in the West

Water in the West Director Barton "Buzz" Thompson discusses the implications of California's ongoing drought in a 60-minute CBS News special report.

August 14, 2022  | CBS News Sacramento

Noah Diffenbaugh discusses the history of California storms - and the odds of another occurring - that could turn the Central Valley into a temporary 300-mile-long inland sea.

August 09, 2022  | Vox

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on how climate contributes to dwindling snowpack, the timing of water runoff, and water infrastructure designed to capture runoff for later use.

August 07, 2022  | The Mercury News

Water in the West Director Barton "Buzz Thompson weighs in on water wars between competing interests in the San Joaquin Valley.

June 09, 2022  | ABC7News

Rosemary Knight discusses using maps generated by pinging the ground with electromagnetic signals to locate ancient subterranean waterways that could serve as pathways to recharging depleted aquifers.

May 03, 2022  |

Felicia Marcus comments on the questionable premise of depending on Colorado River water amidst a 20-year drought.

May 02, 2022  | Fast Company

Felicia Marcus discusses how water restrictions imposed on Southern California residents are likely just the first of many measures cities will need to take in order to adapt to shrinking water supplies.

April 29, 2022  | Los Angeles Times

Felicia Marcus questions the policy of applying water restrictions to individual areas within Southern California's Metropolitan Water District and suggests it may be better to restrict usage in the entire service area.

April 28, 2022  |

Felicia Marcus talks with host Stu VanAirsdale about making the best of California's parched present while building for a sustainable future.