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January 30, 2012  | Stanford Magazine  | News

Twelve sophomore Stanford University students, three faculty members, three teaching assistants and Professor Buzz Thompson set out for a two-week adventure on the Colorado River. While immersing themselves on the 225-mile journey as part of a sophomore course entitled Water in the West, the students get the ultimate hands on experience

December 13, 2010  | Stanford News  | News

Much of the agriculture in the American West depends on underground water systems that need to be carefully monitored to avoid overuse. Traditional data about aquifers are sparse and expensive to obtain. Until now, crops growing above the aquifer prevented satellite-based radar from "seeing" under the surface. But Stanford researchers have found a way around the plant problem.

July 26, 2010  | Stanford News   | News

Within the sludge of wastewater treatment plants is an invisible world teeming with microbes. Here, diverse species of bacteria convert solid and liquid wastes into gases, some of which contribute to global warming.