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December 09, 2014  | Water in the West  | Insights

A new report on water governance and climate change through the lens of the current California drought has just been released by Stanford University’s Water in the West Program. This report, authored by Water in the West visiting scholar Jacqueline Peel and research analyst Janny Choy, summarizes the insights, lessons and key findings of a workshop hosted by Water in the West in September 2014,...

November 21, 2014  | SF Gate  | Insights

New Op-Ed by Buzz Thompson explores how we can get the most out the recently passed $7.5B water bond.

November 17, 2014  | Water in the West  | Insights

Water in the West postdoctoral fellow Debra Perrone recently participated in the Science Teaching Through Art (STAr) program, which helps scientists and engineers become more effective communicators to people outside their own fields. The program includes outreach to local high school and community college students through poster sessions, which is an excellent opportunity both for...

October 23, 2014  | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment  | News

California Gov. Jerry Brown joins water experts at Stanford for discussion of policy prescriptions and new research on improving water management

October 22, 2014  | Water in the West  | Insights

On November 4, Californians will go to the polls to vote in the state’s election. The first proposition on the ballot will be the “Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014,” better known as the 2014 Water Bond. It’s been a long path to the ballot for California’s most recent water bond issue. Originally proposed in 2009, the bond has been through several iterations to...

August 28, 2014  | Water in the West  | Insights

By Melissa Rohde Melissa Rohde is a graduate student researcher with Stanford’s Water in the West Program, where she recently conducted research on groundwater recharge in California for our new website: Understanding California’s Groundwater.  These are her reflections on the recently passed water bond. The legislature is receiving plaudits for its approval of the $7.5 billion water bond...

April 10, 2014  | Water in the West, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment  | News

A new Water in the West report, “Before the Well Runs Dry: Improving the Linkage Between Groundwater and Land Use Planning,” identifies opportunities for managing groundwater and land use more coherently in California.

February 25, 2014  | Water in the West  | Insights

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment co-director Barton “Buzz” Thompson has been thinking a lot about the drought in California lately.  In a recent San Francisco Chronicle Op-Ed, Professor Thompson argues that drought is a fact of California life.  While Californians may never enjoy complete water security, planning can ease impacts and reduce risks. “Less...

October 10, 2013  | Water in the West  | Insights

In September 2013 the Orange County Superior Court in California handed down an unpublished decision (Capistrano Taxpayers Association v. City of San Juan Capistrano (2013)) that could have public water agencies throwing up their hands in frustration. While it remains to be seen whether the ruling will stand and just how far it may ultimately reach, its potential to further complicate the ability...

October 02, 2013  | Water in the West  | Insights


Three Stanford students and Water in the West Director Andrew Fahlund recently embarked on a road trip through the Central Valley and along the Central Coast to explore groundwater issues in both regions.  Along the way they met with the Kern Water Bank regarding groundwater recharge to the aquifer.  They also met with reporters from the San Luis Obispo Tribune on recent...