Publications: Urban Water

December 27, 2018  | Peer-Reviewed Publications

Kimberly J. Quesnel, Newsha K. Ajami

October 01, 2018  | Peer-Reviewed Publications

Bea Gordon, Kimberly J. Quesnel, Robin Abs, Newsha Ajami

July 01, 2018  | Reports

Newsha Ajami, Hank Habicht, Brent Fewell, Tim Lattimer, Thomas Ng

May 01, 2018  | Reports

The Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford Law School, Water in the West

January 10, 2018  | Peer-Reviewed Publications

Nicholas A. Roby, Patricia Gonzales, KImberly J. Quesnel, Newsha Ajami

December 01, 2017  | Peer-Reviewed Publications

Patricia Gonzales , Newsha Ajami