Water in the West’s faculty and scholars are nationally recognized experts in the field of water resources, specializing in water policy, law, management and scientific observation and analysis. They are widely cited in news publications and academic journals and are invited to speak on relevant topics before legislatures at the state and federal levels, as well as at conferences, forums, research institutions, and organizations around the world.

Water Experts

Barton "Buzz" Thompson

Faculty Director, Water in the West, Senior Fellow and Founding Perry L. McCarty Director, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment; Robert E. Paradise Professor in Natural Resources Law

Expertise: Drought, Sustainable water management, Water law, policy & governance

Contact: 650-723-2518

Newsha Ajami

Research Collaborator

Expertise: Alternative water supply, Water supply reliability, Water/energy nexus

Contact: 650-724-8162

Scott Fendorf

Terry Huffington Family Professor in Earth System Sciences; Senior Fellow by Courtesy, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Expertise: Water quality

Contact: 650.723.5238

Sarah Fletcher

Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Lee and Kitty Price Center Fellow at the Stanford Woods Institute

Expertise: Sustainable water management, Water data, Water law, policy & governance, Water supply reliability