New Research Briefs: Water Sector Innovation

March 20, 2016 | Water in the West | Insights

Water in the West

Stanford water researchers chart a path to water innovation with three new research briefs issued this week to coincide with the first-ever White House Water Summit.

The briefs provide an overview of steps needed to update the nation's aging water infrastructure, drilling down into innovative financing strategies and new approaches for resource management that deal with a fractured water sector.

Newsha Ajami, director of the Urban Water Policy Program with Water in the West, co-authored the briefs with Stanford Law Professor Barton "Buzz" Thompson, the Robert E. Paradise Professor in Natural Resources Law.

Ajami attended the White House Summit, which can be viewed here:

Last December Ajami and nearly 100 water experts from across the nation gathered in DC for a “Roundtable on Water Innovation” to discuss solutions to U.S. water challenge. Read more.