News & Insights: Sustainable Groundwater

Get insights and analysis from Water in the West researchers as well as the latest news about new Stanford water research and events focusing on western water issues.

June 08, 2020  | Water in the West  | News

Megan Glatzel

New report recommends key findings for successful development and implementation of data platforms supporting water management decisions.

April 28, 2020  | Water in the West  | News

Michelle Horton

A new study examines California farmers’ perceptions of fair groundwater allocation and dispute resolution with the goal of achieving groundwater sustainability by 2040.  

March 22, 2020  | Water, Health & Development  | News

Michelle Horton

Stanford researchers are working to meet global water needs.

January 22, 2020  | The Bill Lane Center for the American West  | Insights

Madison Pobis

Farmers, large and small, are beginning to grapple with what the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act means for them. One by one, local sustainability plans are starting to go public. Many farmers expect to see cutbacks on pumping once the program is fully implemented in 2040.

November 06, 2019  | Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University  | News

B. Rose Kelly

A new study by postdoctoral scholar Xiaogang He and researchers at Princeton in Nature Communications is among the first to show that solar and wind energy not only enhance drought resilience, but also aid in groundwater sustainability.

October 08, 2019  | Water in the West  | Insights

Michelle Horton

Water governance expert and Landreth Visiting Fellow Anita Milman, discusses keys to successful groundwater governance, implications toward achieving water security and her research at Stanford. 

June 04, 2019  | The Bill Lane Center for the American West  | Insights

Felicity Barringer


With new rules coming into effect, farmers and municipalities using groundwater must either find more water to support the aquifers or take cropland out of use. To ease the pain, engineers are looking to harness an unconventional and unwieldy source of water: the torrential storms that sometimes blast across the Pacific Ocean and soak California.

May 29, 2019  | Water in the West  | News

Michelle Horton

New web portal examines, compares and explains the permitting process of groundwater pumping across seven U.S. states.

May 10, 2019  | Woods Institute for the Environment  | Insights

Karly Chin


California struggles to deliver safe drinking water to millions of residents. The challenges – often complex issues at the interface of human, legislative, technical, and geological dimensions – resist easy answers. Stanford experts explored possible ways forward at a recent panel discussion in Sacramento.

April 18, 2019  | Water in the West  | News

Michelle Horton

Novel solution provides insight on intrusion of ocean saltwater into freshwater aquifers.