Tools and Methods for Assessing Groundwater-Surface Water Connectivity under SGMA

Water in the West, the University of Victoria, Foundry Spatial, The Nature Conservancy, and the Environmental Defense Fund are co-hosted a workshop entitled, "Tools and Methods for Assessing Groundwater-Surface Water Connectivity under SGMA”. The full-day workshop took place on March 12, 2018 at Stanford University.  


This workshop sought to: 

  1. Engage with individuals and entities working on groundwater and surface water connectivity and groundwater dependent ecosystems under SGMA;
  2. Examine recent research and tool development to assess research gaps and areas to coordinate or collaborate research effort to help address surface water depletions under SGMA; and
  3. Where new research or tools are necessary, identify their potential role in water management decisions, the data needs, essential functionality, and potential users, locations and partners for pilot studies.


The summary report that was produced following this workshop can be found here.