Watershed Health & Allocation

Stanford researchers collaborate through Water in the West to find a balance between the water needs of cities and agricultural interests and those of wildlife and the outdoor recreation sector.

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What's New

August 21, 2019

Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin watershed reform holds valuable lessons for policy makers grappling with environmental repercussions of extreme drought.

May 22, 2019

New research finds one drought can amplify or cause another. Decreased moisture recycling and transport impacts how droughts form and move across continents.

In Focus

Environmental Water Rights Transfers: A Review of State Laws

A new report from Water in the West explores how Western states can increase water rights transfers to maintain healthy flows for ecosystems while benefiting water rights holders.

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In the Media

June 05, 2019
Curbed San Francisco

Leon Szpetycki comments on the possibility of San Francisco running out of water.

June 01, 2019
ABC News

Noah Diffenbaugh adds insight in an article discussing the politicization of climate change.