Watershed Health & Allocation

Stanford researchers collaborate through Water in the West to find a balance between the water needs of cities and agricultural interests and those of wildlife and the outdoor recreation sector.

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What's New

August 07, 2017

Leon Szeptycki, executive director of Stanford’s Water in the West program, discusses the challenges and responses to managing water in a changing climate.

July 27, 2017

Researchers are exploring how decisions aimed at managing fire in forest landscapes affect water flows for people and nature.

In Focus

Environmental Water Rights Transfers: A Review of State Laws

A new report from Water in the West explores how Western states can increase water rights transfers to maintain healthy flows for ecosystems while benefiting water rights holders.

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In the Media

November 17, 2017
The Sacramento Bee

Op-ed by Brian Gray, Leon Szeptycki, and Barton "Buzz" Thompson on a new approach to environmental stewardship in terms of water rights.

November 03, 2017
News Deeply

While most Californians are in favor of using recycled water for nonpotable purposes, research has found that only 11 percent would drink it. A Stanford study, by Bruce Cain and Iris Hui, examines the reasons why and the policy implications.