Media Coverage

Read recent media coverage featuring Water in the West and comments from our researchers.

April 02, 2018  | KPCC

Newsha Ajami discusses the role of media coverage in water conservation in California in the context of the state's drought rebound.

March 25, 2018  | NBC Los Angeles

Noah Diffenbaugh discusses precipitation patterns in California in an article on how Snow Valley Mountain Resort is handling the state's fluctuations between extreme flooding and extreme drought.

March 24, 2018  | NBC News

Noah Diffenbaugh discusses the mid-March storms in California and the status of the state's drought conditions.

March 21, 2018  | San Francisco Chronicle

Noah Diffenbaugh quoted on the climate trends in California and the "new normal".

March 06, 2018  | Independent Record

The Montana Water Summit is covered and Leon Szeptycki is quoted on climate change and water scarcity in the West.

March 05, 2018  | San Jose Inside

Newsha Ajami quoted on current snowpack levels, California's water conservation and ways for communities to become more resilient.

February 23, 2018  | Water Deeply

Newsha Ajami and Patricia Gonzales in a Q&A on their research for a cap-and-trade system for water conservation.

February 20, 2018  | Desert Sun

Newsha Ajami is quoted in article about California potentially banning hosing down driveways, over-watering lawns and running sprinklers on grassy street medians.

February 08, 2018  | Eos

Newsha Ajami and Patricia Gonzales's research on the effect of social awareness of drought on this rebound effect is discussed.

February 07, 2018  | WaterWorld

Newsha Ajami's research on innovative ways to finance water infrastructure projects and her Living Map is featured.