Media Coverage

Read recent media coverage featuring Water in the West and comments from our researchers.

October 17, 2018  | Business Insider

A study on overpumping groundwater leading to increased arsenic concentrations by Scott Fendorf, Rosemary Knight and Ryan Smith is cited.

August 31, 2018  | High Country News

Journal article by Leon Szeptycki, Deb Perrone and Rebecca Nelson and others mentioned in article discussing the recent Agua Caliente court case.

August 08, 2018  | The Telegraph

Newsha Ajami comments on the importance of clean water and the need for cities to update their urban water infrastructure.

August 02, 2018  | The Verge

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on a future with more fires, floods and other extreme weather events in California.

July 31, 2018  | Independent

Noah Diffenbaugh is quoted on the California wildfires and global climate change.

July 31, 2018  | USA Today

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on climate changing making extreme weather events more frequent and even more severe.

July 29, 2018  | Gizmodo

Noah Diffenbaugh discusses the link between extreme weather events that have caused the California wildfires and climate change.

July 27, 2018  | Discover Magazine

Noah Diffenbaugh quoted on global warming and the rise of extreme weather events.

July 18, 2018  | Los Angeles Times

As severe heat in frequency and intensity continues to become a more common occurrence, researchers like Noah Diffenbaugh continue to point to the effects of climate change as a possible reason.

July 18, 2018  | Water in the West

Coverage of the new study by Scott Fendorf and Rosemary Knight looking into arsenic in groundwater. Scott Fendorf is quoted.