Media Coverage

Read recent media coverage featuring Water in the West and comments from our researchers.

September 07, 2017  | San Francisco Chronicle

Noah Diffenbaugh discusses the advancements in science that are starting to show the link between climate change and weather events.

September 02, 2017  | The Economist

Cites study by Noah Diffenbaugh looking into the increased frequencies of extreme drought and rainfall in the the South Asian monsoon season.

September 02, 2017  | The Los Angeles Loyolan

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on the impacts of climate change on monsoons.

September 02, 2017  | Chicago Tribune

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on how Hurricane Harvey will be studied by scientists to try and figure out if climate change was the culprit behind the storm.

September 01, 2017  | Live Science

Newsha Ajami and Richard Luthy discuss how long it will take for floodwaters to drain out of Houston and how the city can prepare for future flood events.

August 31, 2017  | Los Angeles Times

Noah Diffenbaugh states the the rapid development, strength, and stalling of Hurricane Harvey are all questions scientists will be looking to answer in an article discussing the increasing intensity of weather events, like hurricanes.

August 30, 2017  | The Washington Post

Noah Diffenbaugh quoted in an article concerning global climate change, the increasing intensity of hurricanes, and how researchers are studying the connections between the two.

August 28, 2017  | The New York Times

An op-ed by Noah Diffenbaugh on more extreme weather events and Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas.

August 21, 2017  | The Nevada Independent

Leon Szeptycki quoted in an article looking at the current court case dealing with Native American rights to groundwater.

August 18, 2017  | The Sacramento Bee

Barton "Buzz" Thompson comments on the organization of multiple lawsuits being filed against the state of California to block the building of the Delta tunnels.