Media Coverage

Read recent media coverage featuring Water in the West and comments from our researchers.

December 11, 2017  | Voice of OC

Newsha Ajami participated on a panel discussing the pros and cons of building a proposed desalination plant in Huntington Beach, CA.

December 06, 2017  | Water Deeply

Water in the West research and an insight by Bea Gordon are cited in an article about on-farm managed aquifer recharged and the potential costs associated with it.

December 05, 2017  | Los Angeles Times

Noah Diffenbaugh quoted on the impacts of quickly melting Arctic ice on precipitation in California.

November 27, 2017  | The Desert Sun

Leon Szeptycki quoted on the Supreme Court's decision to not hear the California water agencies appeal in the case with the Auga Caliente tribe and their rights to groundwater.

November 23, 2017  | San Francisco Chronicle

Richard Luthy is quoted on the importance of updating and increasing the capacity of the Calaveras Dam as California prepares for the changing climate.

November 17, 2017  | Multiple

Media coverage focusing on the research of Kimberly Quesnel and Newsha Ajami did on the impact of the media on water conservation during California droughts.

November 17, 2017  | The Sacramento Bee

Op-ed by Brian Gray, Leon Szeptycki, and Barton "Buzz" Thompson on a new approach to environmental stewardship in terms of water rights.

November 17, 2017  | Imperial Valley News

Governor Jerry Brown announced Newsha Ajami's reappointment to the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board.

November 13, 2017  | KPCC

Newsha Ajami comments on residential water use in California and the west.

November 03, 2017  | News Deeply

While most Californians are in favor of using recycled water for nonpotable purposes, research has found that only 11 percent would drink it. A Stanford study, by Bruce Cain and Iris Hui, examines the reasons why and the policy implications.