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We’re developing tools and best management practices to promote energy efficiency through water conservation, while reducing energy consumption in the treatment and use of water.

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May 23, 2016

Desalination could increase freshwater supplies for some coastal communities, but more research and policy work needed, experts say in new report

March 22, 2016

On March 22, the White House marked World Water Day by hosting a summit to “raise awareness of water issues” in the United States and to help “build a sustainable water future through innovative...

In Focus

Report: Tapping the Electricity Sector for Innovative, Multi-Purpose Water Projects

Stanford researchers apply lessons learned from the electricity sector to the water sector, uncovering specific tools that have been used to fund and implement distributed energy projects. Through this exploration they create a financing and governance framework, highlighting mechanism applicable to the water sector.

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In the Media

September 28, 2017
Los Alamitos Patch

Leon Szeptycki and Newsha Ajami's op-ed on desalination plants in California quoted in the debate over the proposed seawater desalination facility in Orange County.

June 01, 2017
The Mercury News

Op-Ed by Water in the West Executive Director, Leon Szeptycki and Director of Urban Water Policy, Newsha Ajami on the how costal desalination plants are likely not the answer to California's water shortages. The potential amount of clean water produced by these plants is only a fraction of California's water budget.