May 12, 2015  | Videos

Newsha Ajami at the Spring 2015 Indicators Launch & Lunch event on April 30 discussing water pricing options, current/recent state policies and what's needed for long-term water security.

April 20, 2015  | Reports

Tara Moran, Ph.D., Amanda Cravens

Given the new mandate for groundwater planning under SGMA, there is a major need
to develop policy recommendations and dispute resolution tools that can help to
achieve groundwater allocation decisions that are negotiated, equitable, sustainable,
and supported by water users as well as other stakeholders. Water in the West and the
Martin Daniel Gould Center for Conflict Resolution Program at the Stanford Law School
convened a group of groundwater users, water managers, conflict resolution experts,
water lawyers, and researchers. They report how the new groundwater legislation may
change the landscape of groundwater conflicts and resolution in California.

April 08, 2015  | Working Paper

Debra Perrone, George Hornberger, Oscar van Vliet , Marijn van der Velde

The objective of our work was to understand the limitations associated with water-use estimates and projections.

California Drought Panel - March 4, 2015

March 17, 2015  | Videos

Leon Szeptycki, Barton "Buzz" Thompson, Daniel Swain, Tom Zigterman

Water in the West convened three experts to discuss the causes, policy implications and possible responses to California’s ongoing drought, including what a fourth year of drought will mean for the state.

February 17, 2015  | Research Briefs

Newsha Ajami, Kim Quesnel

This research paper looks at a supplemental funding mechanism, a Public Goods Charge (PGC), as an additional way for California to provide for water investment in the future. In a PGC scheme, ratepayers are charged a small, usage-related fee, and the funds are subsequently allocated to public interest projects at the local, utility, state, and broader scales.

January 13, 2015  | Videos

Now that voters have approved a water bond and state government has moved forward on groundwater reform, what are the next steps state legislators plan to take? State Senators Jean Fuller and Lois Wolk and Assemblymembers Marc Levine and Anthony Rendon discuss their water policy priorities with moderator Barton “Buzz” Thompson of the Stanford Law School and Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment. This is part of a series of videos from Managing Drought, an event sponsored by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC).

December 09, 2014  | Working Paper

Jacqueline Peel, Janny Choy

This report, authored by Water in the West visiting scholar Jacqueline Peel and research analyst Janny Choy, summarizes the insights, lessons and key findings of a workshop hosted by Water in the West in September 2014, which brought together participants who have played central roles in managing water during California’s current drought.

October 31, 2014  | Solutions Brief

Debra Perrone, Melissa Rohde

Stanford researchers Debra Perrone, a postdoctoral scholar for Water in the West and the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Melissa Rohde, a researcher for Water in the West and a graduate student in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, have produced a new research brief focused on groundwater storage in California.

October 22, 2014  | Multimedia

Geoff McGhee, Janny Choy, Tara Moran, Ph.D.

On November 4, Californians will go to the polls to vote in the state’s election. The first proposition on the ballot will be the "Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014," better known as the 2014 Water Bond. It’s been a long path to the ballot for California’s most recent water bond issue. Originally proposed in 2009, the bond has been through several iterations to arrive at its current price tag of $7.545 billion.

October 13, 2014  | Working Paper

Water in the West

Water in the West's new strategic plan, which shares the program's vision, mission, and priorities, was completed in May 2014 and is now available.