November 16, 2016  | Peer-Reviewed Publications

Researchers looked at groundwater permitting regimes in southwestern states that could hold important lessons for local agencies in the implementation of California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

October 17, 2016  | Research Briefs

More comprehensive tools are needed for identifying nations and regions facing serious risks of water vulnerability. This brief describes an  approach that provides a path to such identification by considering not only water demand and supply, but also infrastructure and institutional factors.

September 27, 2016  | Research Briefs

To address limitations to satellite data analysis of groundwater levels, Stanford researchers developed an algorithm that dramatically improves the time-consuming image analysis process, allowing for characterization of groundwater levels on a larger-than-ever scale.

September 27, 2016  | Videos

Leon Szeptycki, Rob Jackson, Rosemary Knight, Tara Moran

On Sept 27, 2016, Stanford experts met in Sacramento for a briefing on California's critical groundwater supply hosted by Water in the West. Panelists included: Leon Szeptycki, Executive Director of Water in the West, Rob Jackson, Professor at Stanford University, Rosemary Knight, Professor at Stanford University, and Tara Moran, Sustainable Groundwater Program Lead with Water in the West.

July 21, 2016  | Research Briefs

Debra Perrone, Melissa Rohde

Research brief for the study, Benefits and Economic Costs of Managed Aquifer Recharge in California.

July 21, 2016  | Peer-Reviewed Publications

Debra Perrone, Melissa Rohde

Although there is no single solution to increasing California’s resiliency to drought and to achieving sustainable groundwater management, managed aquifer recharge (MAR) projects will play an important role in helping the newly formed Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) under SGMA to achieve their sustainability goals.

About Water in the West

July 11, 2016  | Videos

Water in the West

A joint program of the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the Bill Lane Center for the American West, Water in the West marshals the resources of one of the world’s preeminent research institutions to address one of the most urgent questions about the West’s future—how can the region continue to thrive despite growing water scarcity? Learn more about our approach in this short video.

June 29, 2016  | Research Briefs

Survey of groundwater managers highlights need for standardized data monitoring, and makes policy recommendations for successful implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014 (SGMA)

June 29, 2016  | Reports

Tara Moran, Ph.D., Amanda Cravens, Janet Martinez, Leon Szeptycki

After decades of dysfunction that have exacerbated chronic water problems, historic groundwater legislation has brought California to the cusp of a new era of water management. Meeting the law’s goals will require overcoming stubborn systemic obstacles, according to a new report by Water in the West & the Gould Center for Conflict Resolution, Stanford Law School.

June 28, 2016  | Other

Tara Moran, Ph.D., Amanda Cravens, Janet Martinez

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