Publications: Water Allocation & Management

February 27, 2017  | Other

Water in the West

Fact sheet for the Water in the West Program

December 08, 2016  | Report Series

Newsha Ajami, Kim Quesnel, Patricia Gonzales

Researchers at Water in the West are finalists in the State of California and the White House Council on Environmental Quality's Water Data Challenge.

October 17, 2016  | Research Briefs

More comprehensive tools are needed for identifying nations and regions facing serious risks of water vulnerability. This brief describes an  approach that provides a path to such identification by considering not only water demand and supply, but also infrastructure and institutional factors.

About Water in the West

July 11, 2016  | Videos

Water in the West

A joint program of the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the Bill Lane Center for the American West, Water in the West marshals the resources of one of the world’s preeminent research institutions to address one of the most urgent questions about the West’s future—how can the region continue to thrive despite growing water scarcity? Learn more about our approach in this short video.

March 20, 2016  | Solutions Brief

This Research Brief is based on "Tapping Into Alternative Ways to Fund Innovative and Multi-Purpose Water Projects: A Financing Framework from the Electricity Sector," a 2016 report issued by Water in the West program and the National Science Foundation's Engineering Research Center, Reinventing the Nation's Urban Water Infrastructure (ReNUWIT).

March 08, 2016  | Videos

Stanford researcher Newsha Ajami testifies at the California Senate Natural Resource and Water oversight hearing on "Assessing California's Chronically Under Funded Water Needs: Options for Moving Forward."

February 02, 2016  | Working Paper

Newsha Ajami, Kim Quesnel

Stanford researchers apply lessons learned from the electricity sector to the water sector, uncovering specific tools that have been used to fund and implement distributed energy projects. Through this exploration they create a financing and governance framework, highlighting mechanism applicable to the water sector.

January 01, 2016  | Media Tip Sheet

Water in the West

Scholarly experts from Stanford University’s Water in the West program are available to comment on recent research related water, climate and drought.

September 28, 2015  | Reports

Leon Szeptycki, Julia Forgle, Elizabeth Hook, Kori Lorick, Philip Womble

A new report from Water in the West explores how Western states can increase water rights transfers to maintain healthy flows for ecosystems while benefiting water rights holders.

July 15, 2015  | Working Paper

Water stakeholders and federal officials proposed new ideas to shape the federal government’s role in drought resilience during an interagency White House symposium held in Washington, D.C. Stanford water law experts Buzz Thompson and Leon Szeptycki were invited to produce two discussion papers framing dialogue at the event. Their papers addressed two broad issues related to the role of federal agencies in preparing for, managing, and responding to droughts. This paper delves into approaches for leveraging investments and innovation by the private sector, and state and local governments.