Water Allocation & Management

Efforts to rationally manage water in the West – allocating water to the most valuable uses, both human and ecological – are hampered by a lack of data, fragmented governance, and the West’s rigid prior appropriation system. Water in the West conducts research to find paths to efficient water allocation.

  • Study water banks and other market-based mechanisms for improving flexibility of water allocation.
  • In partnership with ReNUWit, explore innovative policies to promote urban water efficiency, recycling, and management.
  • Study new models for water pricing and other market-based mechanisms for implementing water efficiency and other management goals.
What's New

September 15, 2017

A new web portal puts four years of California drought data into an interactive format, showing where regions met or missed water conservation goals. The idea is to motivate awareness and conservation.

September 01, 2017

Stanford experts comment on how climate change and infrastructure planning contribute to the severity of impacts from extreme weather events like Hurricane Harvey.

In Focus
March 4, 2015

Water in the West convened three experts to discuss the causes, policy implications and possible responses to California’s ongoing drought, including what a fourth year of drought will mean for the state.

In the Media

September 13, 2017
Advanced Science News

A research paper written by Patricia Gonzales and Newsha Ajami and published in WIREs Water is mentioned in an article discussing drivers of the changing water supply and demand characteristics in the Bay Area and opportunities to enhance future regional water reliability.

September 01, 2017
Live Science

Newsha Ajami and Richard Luthy discuss how long it will take for floodwaters to drain out of Houston and how the city can prepare for future flood events.