Advancing Groundwater Technology

The Groundwater Technology Consortium evolved from a common desire between groundwater managers and researchers to form mutually beneficial relationships that move groundwater science from fundamental science to the applied realm. Our goal is to broaden the diversity and quality of tools used by groundwater managers to provide more effective means of sustainable groundwater management.

This project matches management questions facing groundwater managers throughout the Western United States and Australia with new and emerging technologies including, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) logging, long-offset electrical resistivity tomography (ERT), data visualization software and Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) to measure groundwater overdraft-induced land subsidence. We work closely with groundwater researchers to ensure that groundwater managers are informed about and have access to new and emerging geophysical technologies to improve understanding of the subsurface hydrogeology.

One of the primary roles of the GTC is to establish knowledge transfer protocols to ensure integration of these technologies into local, regional and statewide groundwater management practice. The GTC is committed to the dissemination of science and the demonstration of its value through the translation of science from peer-reviewed journal articles into informative articles targeting the public and policymakers. Current and historical blogs of these posts can be found here

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