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April 26, 2017  | Water in the West  | Insights

Ilana Crankshaw

A case study of San Mateo County's effort to be transparent & proactive in assessing its groundwater basin.

April 25, 2017  | Water in the West  | News

Groundwater taken from deep wells is thousands of years old and thought to be pristine and free of contaminants. However, a new study raises questions about its purity.

March 13, 2017  | Stanford Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences  | News

Ker Than

Scientists use Earth-imaging technologies to study the intrusion of saltwater into freshwater aquifers along the California coast.

December 08, 2016  | Water in the West  | News

Devon Ryan

A new report analyzes progress in implementing landmark CA groundwater legislation: the formation of new agencies to manage groundwater.

December 05, 2016  | Water in the West  | Insights

Ilana Crankshaw and Tara Moran, Visualizations: Geoff McGhee

California is currently entering its sixth year of drought. The length and intensity of this recent drought has caused declining groundwater levels, loss of groundwater dependent ecosystems, drying of domestic wells, and numerous other impacts. This drought has highlighted the need for better management of our water systems.

December 02, 2016  | Water in the West  | News

Devon Ryan

Researchers at Stanford and Melbourne University looked at groundwater permitting regimes in southwestern states that could hold important lessons for local agencies in the implementation of California’s new groundwater law, the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

November 30, 2016  | Water in the West  | News

Devon Ryan

A new report recommends a framework for developing groundwater models, critical tools for long-term water management planning, under California’s ambitious groundwater management law.

October 14, 2016  | Bill Lane Center for the American West  | News

Felicity Barringer

Scholars working with Water in the West discussed their latest research on groundwater and the implications for the future of California’s water. The panel informed state and local level policy and decision makers on such issues as implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) and new data collection techniques.

September 19, 2016  | Water in the West  | Insights

Devon Ryan

Bill Blomquist, an expert on water institutions and management, has joined the Stanford University community as a Landreth Visiting Fellow working with Water in the West.