Media Coverage

Read recent media coverage featuring Water in the West and comments from our researchers.

February 20, 2018  | Desert Sun

Newsha Ajami is quoted in article about California potentially banning hosing down driveways, over-watering lawns and running sprinklers on grassy street medians.

February 08, 2018  | Eos

Newsha Ajami and Patricia Gonzales's research on the effect of social awareness of drought on this rebound effect is discussed.

February 07, 2018  | WaterWorld

Newsha Ajami's research on innovative ways to finance water infrastructure projects and her Living Map is featured.

February 06, 2018  | Stanford Law School

Barton "Buzz" Thompson is featured in a Q&A on the drought crisis facing Cape Town, South Africa, how we got there, and how we can work to prevent droughts from becoming crises.

February 06, 2018  | ReThinking H2O Podcast

Newsha Ajami is interviewed on the ReThinking H2O podcast and discusses building resilient infrastructure through better planning & investment, how policy and academia can help bring value to society, & the future of water innovation.

January 31, 2018  | APACA Northern News

Newsha Ajami discusses her work on water in the Bay Area and how the area can prepare for an unpredictable climate future.

January 24, 2018  | The Mercury News

Leon Szeptycki is quoted on the possibility of a major city in California running out of water like the current situation facing Cape Town, South Africa.

January 18, 2018  | News Review

Newsha Ajami quoted on using desalination plants in California as part of the states solution to drought.

January 17, 2018  | Duluth News Tribune

Noah Diffenbaugh's research cited and he is quoted in an article about linking human caused warming to specific extreme weather events.

January 11, 2018  | KPCC

Noah Diffenbaugh discusses increasingly extreme weather, the infrastructure we have in California and it's level of preparedness for natural disasters.